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Enrollment Schedule

Early Enrollment
See University Academic Regulations - 5.8 Priority Enrollment. in the University Catalog.   Students with disabilities may be eligible for early enrollment.  For more information, contact the Student Disability Services , 405-744-7116.  Active students of the University Honors College (certified by the University Honors College), intercollegiate athletic teams (certified by the Department of Athletics) and full-time OSU employees may also be eligible.

Enrollment Holds
These holds will prevent a student from completing enrollment:

  • A past due account with the Office of the Bursar or Collections Hold (Stillwater Campus - Room 113 Student Union, 405-744-5993 or Tulsa Campus - 1st floor Admin. Bldg., 918-594-8320).
  • Advising hold (in Stillwater contact your advisor or Student Services Office; in Tulsa, contact your advisor).
  • Admissions Hold (Stillwater Campus - Room 219 Student Union, 405-744-5358 or Tulsa Campus - 1st floor Admin. Bldg., 918-594-8020 [undergraduates], 918-594-8119 [graduates]).
  • New Student Orientation Hold (new freshmen and transfers only) Contact the Office of New Student Orientation, 321 Student Union, 405-744-3636.
  • Student Judicial Affairs Hold (Stillwater Campus - 326 Student Union, 405-744-5470).
  • Loan Exit Interview Hold or Student Loan Accounting Hold (Stillwater Campus - Scholarships & Fin. Aid, Room 119 Student Union, 405-744-6604; Bursar, Room 113 Student Union, 405-744-5993; or Tulsa Campus Fin. Aid Office, North Hall, 918-594-8273).
  • Graduate College Enrollment Holds: A Plan of Study is required prior to enrollment (Contact the Graduate College at 405-744-6368)
  • International Students:
    • New International Students: A TELP exam is required prior to enrollment. (Contact the Graduate College at 405-744-6368).
    • International Student Office Orientation Hold (Stillwater Campus - 076 Student Union, 405-744-5459 or Tulsa Campus North Hall, Room 130, 918-594-8111).
Completing Enrollment
After obtaining your advisor's clearance, you may enroll via the Internet, or by taking a signed trial study form to Office of the Registrar, Room 322, Student Union (Stillwater) or Enrollment Services 1st floor Administration Building, 918-594-8100 (Tulsa).

Enrollment will be processed according to the enrollment dates listed in the Registrar's Enrollment Guides.  Dates are based on graduation/retention hours earned (excluding hours in which you are currently enrolled).

SIS Web Is Open:

Monday: 12:00 a.m. to Midnight

Tuesday thru Friday: 7:00 a.m. to Midnight

Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday: 7:00 a.m. to Midnight

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